FAQs of the Loyalty Program

We will update you shortly. Unleash excitement! Introducing our new loyalty program. Rewards, surprises, and more!

All exclusive Himalaya stores, The Himalaya Store app and https://himalayawellness.in are part of the program.

No, there is no membership card. Member’s mobile number is the membership number for Himalaya’s Smiles.

There is no membership fee to join Himalaya’s Smiles.

1. You can visit any Himalaya exclusive store and share your name, a few basic profile details, and mobile number at the time of billing.
2. Login to the Himalaya Store app
3. Login to https://himalayawellness.in/

At exclusive Himalaya stores, you will need a minimum billing of Rs. 1. There is no minimum bill value to enroll in the Himalaya Store app.

Loyalty points are awarded on MRP of the product, in case of full priced products. In case of discounted products, points will be awarded on net value. T&C apply.

No, a valid Indian mobile number is required for joining Himalaya’s Smiles.

Only members with a valid Indian mobile number can become part of Himalaya’s Smiles.

Currently, there are 3 tiers - Classic, Gold, and Platinum. A tier will be assigned to a customer depending on the number of visits made in a rolling 12-month period.

• Members will earn loyalty points for every visit. Members belonging to Classic tier will earn 10 bonus points on visit, members belonging to Gold tier will earn 15 bonus points, and Platinum tier will earn 20 bonus points per visit.
• Only the first transaction of the day will be considered for the allotment of bonus visit points. Visit bonus points will be allotted only once in a day.
• Gold and Platinum members are also eligible to earn 3 loyalty points and 5 loyalty points respectively for every 100 rupees spent at Himalaya stores and on the Himalaya Store app.
• Only the valid mode of payments is eligible for earning of loyalty points. 

Yes. Himalaya’s Smiles is an omnichannel program, wherein members are eligible to earn similar benefits across Himalaya Brand Outlet as well as the Himalaya Store app.

Yes, however, the loyalty points will be credited post confirmation of order fulfilment.

There is no minimum amount for earning loyalty points post registering in the program.

Yes, Himalaya’s Smiles will credit 100 bonus loyalty points as a part of your birthday/anniversary celebration month upon upgradation to gold or platinum tier. Birthday and anniversary bonus points are not available for classic tier members.

Himalaya’s Smiles will credit 100 bonus loyalty points with 30 days’ validity at the beginning of the birthday month. A member is eligible for only 1 birthday and 1 anniversary bonus in a year. The accuracy of the birthday/anniversary data is not the responsibility of Himalaya’s Smiles and member needs to ensure accurate and timely information is updated in their profile.

Since the points are credited on the first day of the month, member will be eligible for birthday benefit in the subsequent year. Same applies for anniversary as well.

Member is given 25 bonus loyalty points for completing the KYC process which will help Himalaya’s Smiles deliver a better experience.

You can check on our chatbot by logging in to https://himalayawellness.in or Himalaya Store app, or write to customercare@himalayawellness.com or call us at 1800-208-1930.

a) For purchases made at the Himalaya Store, loyalty points will be credited instantly. Also, an SMS is sent on the member’s registered mobile number, giving details of the loyalty points added.
b) For purchases made on the Himalaya Store app, loyalty points will be credited instantly for a prepaid order and an SMS is sent on the member’s mobile number, giving details of the loyalty points added.
c) For purchases made on the Himalaya Store app with mode of payment as COD, loyalty points will be credited within 24 hours of confirmation of delivery. Members will be communicated by SMS within 24 hours of confirmation of delivery. 

Loyalty points can be earned and redeemed across all exclusive Himalaya Stores or on the Himalaya Store app.

You can redeem loyalty points in the bill by providing your registered mobile number at the cash counter or shop on the Himalaya Store app.

Yes, you can redeem the loyalty points earned at Himalaya Brand store on Himalaya Store app and vice versa.

Loyalty points earned would be valid for 6 months from the date of last purchase. If member doesn’t make any purchase for a period of 6 months, the points will expire.

Members can contact the Himalaya’s Smiles Assistance Desk at 1800-208-1930 or write to customercare@himalayawellness.com.

If a customer does not wish to receive any promotional messages, then he/she will have to raise a request for the same or via sending an SMS, ‘UNSUB’ to 575758.

Members can access and modify their profile and membership-related information easily by visiting any Himalaya exclusive store or writing to customercare@himalayawellness.com or by calling 1800-208-1930.

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